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Chinese New Year Celebration at the United Nations


The USA Shaolin Temple was invited to take part in a special Chinese New Year celebration at the United Nations.  The line up was super impressive, with martial artists and acrobatic stars from Las Vegas, flown in for this special celebration.  Warren Mok, a tenor from China, Cody, and Feng Ruili were just some of the musical stars.  Peking Opera star Liu Zheng performed the beautiful “Fairy Sending Flowers”,  Lyu Siqing wowed with a violin peice, & Lu Jingyi performed on piano.  Magic and Face Changing artist, He Hongqing wowed the crowd with his skills, as did Issac Hou with his Tai Chi Crystal Ball.  These are just a few of the people who performed and it was an amazing night celebrating Chinese New Year.  
The Kung Fu section of the performance performed by the USA Shaolin Temple and Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vegas showcased, open hand forms, 9 section staff, bow staff, and bull whip.

United Nations Bridge of Friendship                                Shifu with members of the Shaolin
Happy Chinese New Year 2015                                        
Kungfu Chan Las Vegas

Wang Yachen, formerly Peacock Princess from   Colton Jake & Taylor Allen from Shaolin Kungfu Chan 
the Las Vegas show "Panda!"                               Las Vegas, getting into the Panda! spirit during rehersal

2 baby pandas from our kids class!                              Backstage Shaolin is ready...always ready
They stole the show!                                                    Michael Denton from Shaolin Kungfu Chan Las Vegas
                                                                                     and USA Shaolin Temple kids

The end of show.  Performers, MCs, diplomats, and ambassadors of Chinese culture all took to the stage to wish everyone good night, and to keep celebrating 2015 Year of the Goat!

After rehersal, the night before the show- the kung fu crew, producers and stars of the Panda!, and United Nations Bridge of Friendship, Happy Chinese New Year show! 

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