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Demo Team Performs at Wu Tang Clan Reunion Concert

RZA performing at the Wu Tang reunion concertMore than ten thousand people came to the Continental Airlines Arena (part of the Meadowlands sports complex) for the concert, titled "Disciples of the 36 Chambers". This concert was special in many ways. For one, this concert was a revival of the WuTang Clan--for it had been many years since all the members performed on the same stage. Yet, the WuTang Clan was as strong as ever.

As was tradition, each of the members were introduced seperately and performed one song before the entire clan came together on stage. To everyone's suprize, RZA had something special up his sleeve. He planned to represent the Shaolin Temple and Philosophy and the impact it has had on his music by bringing Shifu Shi Yan Ming's USA Shaolin Temple demo team to the Meadowlands to perform authentic Shaolin martial arts during the concert.

The Demo team came out in two groups - one dressed in orange Shaolin robes, the other wearing all black with masks. The Shaolin group carried onstage a sedan carriage emblazoned with the Wu 'W' logo. A 10-minute long fight sequence ensued, including both hand to hand combat and weapons with acrobatic assaults. At the end of the battle, only one of the black-clad fighters remained. The fighter took off her mask, and the audience gasped as they were not expecting a tall, beautiful woman underneath. She slowly approched the sedan carriage, and poked in her broadsword. Suddenly, the person inside grabbed the sword, jumped out and knocked down the fighter. It was RZA! With broadsword in one hand and mic in the other, he began his performance.

Shaolin demo team at wu tang concertshaolin demo team at wu tang concertFans at the Wu Tang Clan - Disciples of the 36 Chambers concertRZA with Shi Yan Ming and USA Shaolin Temple Demo TeamMethod Man with Shi Yan Ming and USA Shaolin Temple Demo Team

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