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72 Chambers of Shaolin

Historically, Shaolin training was divided into 72 "chambers". In the Song mountain range where the temple is located, there are 72 peaks. On the summit of each peak lay one of the chambers - 36 yin and 36 yang - to balance each other. A single style or technique would be trained in each chamber and passed on from one generation to the next, from the basic kicks and stances to weapons to iron qi gong.

72 Chambers of Shaolin | Shaolin Monk Training

A student had to master the current chamber before they could advance to, or even see, the next one. This system taught patience, discipline, and perseverence.

The full traditions including the 72 chambers of Shaolin action meditation are too vast to fit into a Manhattan loft. The new temple will revive these once lost practices and make them available for the world.

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