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It simple, fun, and easy. How much do you think you can raise? Challenge yourself! Make your pledge and go out and get your sponsors.

This website allows you to create your own personalized webpage of your pledge to building the New Temple. You can send the link to all your potential sponsors so they can help you to build the New Temple.  Your webpage allows you and your potential sponsors see how far you are coming along to reaching your goal as well as make safe and secure donations online. You can also send in your sponsors donations by regular mail -- money orders or any major credit card accepted only. Read here about our Privacy Policy

Are you one of those people who wish your family or friends had donated money to your favorite cause at Christmas time instead of sending you that lava lamp? By volunteering as a fund raiser, you can send all your friends and family a link to your personalized pledge page and create the opportunity for your loved ones to give the gift that is most meaningful to you. Whether it is, Christmas, New Years, your Birthday, you can be the inspiration behind building the New Temple.

If we put our hands, minds, and hearts together, we can move the world. Let's build the New Shaolin Temple for the world.

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