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On this page, we will post updates whenever work is done on the New Temple. Follow along as we build history!


4/21 - 4/22 - Assembled and placed 38 bunk beds in the guest lodges. Assembled 12 picnic tables with benches. Continued spackling, sanding, and painting in the mess hall. Began staining mess hall floors. Installed kitchen equipment in the mess hall including sink, stoves, and steam tables. Continued paint touch-ups across the temple. Continued building handicap access ramps to guest lodges. Continued work on the Buddha Pavilion roof.

4/16 - 4/20 - Removed fence support poles from around the parking lot. Received delivery of 38 bunk beds and stored them in the guest lodges, ready to be assembled.

4/14 - 4/15 - Took down, rolled up, and stored the chain link fence surrounding the parking lot. Did paint touch ups on the mess hall and guest lodges, and painted all of the guest lodge doors. Planted four garden areas around the temple. Cleaned up and spray painted lots of old furniture. Unpacked and laid out the partitions for the stalls in the bath house. Continued spackling and other final work in the mess hall. Continued installation and set up of kitchen equipment in the mess hall. Continued roofing the Buddha Pavilion and work on visual features.

4/9 - 4/13 - Continued work in the mess hall and began set up and installation of kitchen equipment. Installed water and gas pipes through the property, connecting the two wells to a main storage tank feeding all buildings with running water.

4/7 - 4/8 - Spackled, sanded, and painted all of the walls in the mess hall. Performed paint touch ups on mess hall exterior. Continued work on the Buddha Pavilion.

4/2 - 4/6 
- Finished electrical wiring and sheet rocking in the mess hall. Demolished 2/5 of the old, unrecoverable buildings left on the property. Continued work on the access ramp and steps around the guest lodges, and the Buddha Pavilion.

3/31 - 4/1 - Continued sheet rocking and rewiring the mess hall. Continued construction of the access stairways and ramp around the guest lodges. Removed more old bed frames and furniture from the old buildings that will eventually be demolished. Cleaned up and re-organized in the barn, garden shed, log cabin, and disciple house. Continued construction of the Buddha Pavlion.

- Finished building new walls in mess hall, finished insulating floors and ceiling, began insulating walls where needed. Sheet rocked 1/3 of the building. Began redoing the electrical wiring in the mess hall.

3/24-3/25 - Continued construction in the mess hall, building 5 new walls, installing hurricane clips, building additional ceiling supports, and doing demolition of some areas. Applied polyurethane seal to floors of buildings 5 and 6. Installed window/floor/door trim in building 4 and did paint touch ups on trim of all 3 buildings. Scraped paint off of windows of first floor of the disciple house. Painted the utility room in the bath house. Continued construction of the entrance stairways around buildings 5 and 6.

- Pulled up the floor boards of the mess hall and began installing insulation. Began putting up new structural support walls in mess hall. Rebuilt the walk-in regrigerator and installed new plastic walls. Finished the steam venting work in the bath house and hooked up the gas and water heaters. Finished installing window/floor/door trim in buildings 5 and 6.

3/17-3/18 - Generally prepared site for the arrival of the construction team. Contractor team of 6 arrived and will stay through mid-April. Began preparing for final repairs to structure of mess hall. Began finishing touches of bath house interior. Applied polyurethane finish to floors of building 4. Spray painted an additional 4 bed frames that had been previously sanded and scraped. Cut and nailed in floor and window trim for all of building 6 and some of building 5. Continued work on the Buddha Pavilion roof.

- Stained the floors of the entrance hallways in buildings 5 and 6. Sanded and bolted plywood to the painted bed frames from the previous week to make finished beds. Continued construction of the Buddha Pavilion.

2/25-2/26 - Stained the floors of the bedrooms of buildings 5 and 6. Scraped, sanded, and spray painted black over 12 old bed frames. Continued construction of the Buddha Pavilion.


10/24-10/29 - Built two entrance stairways on building 5 (south and west entrances). Built handicap access ramp on building 4. Built foundation for access bridge between lodges 5 and 6. Finished tiling the showers in the bath house.

- Moved two 24-foot trucks of furniture, inventory, and documents from the temple in Manhattan and a storage space in Long Island - stored inventory in the barn and unloaded furniture in the Abbot's lodge and disciples house. Cleaned floors of guest lodges and varnished floor of building 4. Continued tiling mess hall and building access stairs in front of guest lodges. Did paint trim work on disciple house and scraped paint off the windows. Painted barn doors red with yellow trim. Continued working on Buddha Pavilion.

10/15-10/16 - Painted floor of 2nd floor and steps inside barn red. Scraped off old stain, varnish, and carpet adhesive and stained all wood floors in disciple house. Repaired flood damage to driveway, evening out trenches that water had carved. Finished caulking outside of disciple house windows and painted them yellow. Finished unpacking donated glass and dishware in disciple house kitchen and attached shelves to the wall. Began building steps outside entrance of building 5. Continued working on Buddha Pavilion.

10/8-10/9 - Built a new covering wall in one of the rooms in the barn. Finished painting 2nd floor of the barn walls. Built extension for final step at the bottom of barn staircase. Moved construction operations to disciple house from log cabin. Painted touch-up spots on disciple house exterior. Installed new window panes in several places on disciple house. Finished sanding and began staining disciple house floors. Stained an old bookshelf and moved into disciple house kitchen. Moved stove and new fridge into the disciple house. Began moving kitchen supplies from log cabin to disciple house. Cleaned extensively in log cabin and disciple house. Continued construction work on the roof of the Buddha Pavillion.

- Passed final electrical inspections in all guest lodges, the disciple house, mess hall, and bath house. Tiled all of the bath house except for the shower areas and installed all toilets and showers. Continued work on the interior support of the barn. Installed new floor in disciple house kitchen. Re-installed the original cast iron sink and new counter in the disciple house.

- Finished painting building 4. Sanded and scraped paint off floors in disciple house. Installed new locks and doorknobs in the disciple house. Cleaned up debris and garbage from the mess hall and around the property. Continued batoning and boarding the barn. Continued tiling work and ventillation work in bath house. Finished final electrical work in building 4. Installed exterior lights on guest lodges and disciple house. Continued work on Buddha Pavilion.

- Continued work on bath house interior - finished sheet rocking, began tiling floors, began installing toilets, and continued work on the ventillation system. Demolished an old wall in the mess hall and built two new ones to create an office space and bathroom. Did final electrical installation on buildings 5 and 6, and the painted part of 4. Fractured one of the two wells to increase water output.

Painting one of the guest lodges9/3-9/4 - Primed interiors of all guest lodges. Painted entire interiors of disciple house and buildings 5 and 6. Began painting building 4. Finished final electrical work (outlets, light switches, light fixtures) in disciple house. Installed a toilet in first floor bathroom of the disciple house. Continued installation of bath house ventilation system (80-90% complete). Replaced several doorknobs and locks with brand new ones across property

8/29-9/2 - Batoned and boarded 80% of the barn exterior. Reinforced a rotting beam under the barn. Continued working on ventilation system in bath house. Plastered the three guest lodges. Sanded buildings 5 and 6. Cemented bath house floor. Continued sheet rocking and insulating bath house. Repaired mess hall floor supports. Completed 80% of the electrical installation of the mess hall. Installed access hatch in disciple house kitchen to water valves in the basement crawlspace.

8/27-8/28 - Began sheet rocking bath house. Finished priming entire disciple house. Continued spackling and sanding disciple house and guest lodges.

- Installed ventilation system motors in bath house. Finished plumbing in bath house. Primed several rooms in the disciple house. Began spackling disciple house and all guest lodges. Worked on structural repairs of mess hall floor. Worked on electrical wiring in mess hall.

8/20-8/21 - Sheet rocked bathrooms in disciple house. Installed linoleum in disciple house bathrooms. Began installing doorknobs and locks where needed across property. Began staining floor of building 5. Finished sheet rocking building 6. Began taping sheet rock in all guest lodges and disciple house. Dug ditches to begin connecting disciple house and log cabin to septic tanks. Continued electric work in bath house. Continued insulating bath house walls.

- Made sheet rocking touch ups to buildings 4 and 5. Sanded, cleaned, and stained the floor of building 4. Finished insulating and began sheet rocking building 6. Finished plumbing work in the disciple house. Began insulating floor of disciple house. Began finishing kitchen floor of disciple house. Gutted and rebuilt the tool shed. Insulated and finished bath house floor. Finished building all walls in bath house.

- Contractors returned. Began installing floor of bath house. Continued electrical and plumbing work in bath house. Continued working on roof frame of Buddha pavilion.

8/6-8/7 - Made sheet rocking touch ups to building 5. Finished insulating the walls of building 6. Began sheet rocking the ceiling of building 6. Continued furniture restoration.

7/29-7/30 - Replaced side door of barn. Continued construction of Buddha Pavilion. Continued restoring bed frames as part of furniture restoration project. Mowed the lawns of all main areas.

7/23-7/24 -  Finished sheet rocking and insulating building 5. Began insulating building 6. Painted several old bed frames. Continued working on the Buddha Pavillion. Cleaned the 2nd floor of the barn.

7/16-7/17 - Continued sheet rocking building 5. Cleared crawlspace under disciple house of debris.

6/27-7/15 - Outside contractor continued installation of the septic system and leach field.

6/25-6/26 - Sheet rocked half of building 5. Insulated half of building 5's ceiling. Made sheet rocking touch ups in the disciple house. Corner beaded windows of building 4 and 5. Installed new double-door on barn. Cleaned out debris in bath house basement. Planted several bamboo trees. Built an awning for the back door of the disciple house. Continued construction of the Buddha Pavilion.

6/13-6/24 - Began installing septic system for the entire temple.

6/10-6/12 - Moved old furniture from guest lodge porch and disciple house porch to barn. Moved over 30 bed frames into the barn. Sheet rocked entire disciple house interior except for bathrooms. Continued insulating disciple house attic. Picked up debris from crawlspace under disciple house kitchen. Trimmed weeds around all houses. Organized and cleaned various areas of the property.

PHASE 2: MAY 2011

5/31-6/4 - Finished plumbing the bath house and passed plumbing inspection.

- Finished sheet rocking all of building 4 (2 rooms). Painted exterior of bath house. Finished painting trim on tool shed. Painted 2nd floor walls in the barn. Mowed the main lawns and areas between buildings. Planted several plants and flowers in the garden. Continued carpentry and plumbing work in the bath house. Removed old insulation from disciple house attic and began installing new. Prepared disciple house for sheet rocking. Finished electrical work on the disciple house. Cleaned up garbage and debris from around the property.

5/23-5/26 -
Installed insulation in all of the guest lodges. Continued electrical work in bath house and disciple house. Began plumbing work in bath house. Began sheet rocking one of the guest lodges.

5/20-5/22 - Mowed the lawn of the main field and areas between buildings. Finished cutting and installing wood covers for the holes in the 2nd floor of the barn. Installed pipes and another wall, tarred and shingled the roof, framed exterior, and began installing siding on the bath house. Continued electric work on bath house, disciple house, and guest lodges. Installed insulation in one of the guest lodges that has passed electrical inspection. Continued building roof of Buddha Pavilion. Continued painting trim on the tool shed and guest lodges. Covered and smoothed over trench that had been dug for electrical wires behind the guest lodges.

- Put a new roof on the bath house. Put up new joists and walls in the bath house. Put up part of the floor in the bath house to support the walls. Finished electric work on two guest lodges, and passed inspection. Continued carpentry work in third guest lodge.

5/14-5/15 - Continued filling dumpsters with garbage and debris from outside guest lodges and disciple house. Continued framing new doors, walls, and windows in guest lodges, also continued electrical work. Finished cleaning bath house basement. Added support joists in bath house. Continued scraping paint off the walls in the disciple house. Swept and mopped the 2nd floor of barn. Began measuring and cutting wood to cover holes in 2nd floor of barn. Continued digging driveway drainage ditch. Continued work on Buddha Pavillion roof. Primed and caulked tool shed exterior.

5/9-5/13 - Continued construction of Buddha Pavillion roof. Continued replacing doors and windows in guest lodges, completed interior framing of two lodges. Began framing another guest lodge. Began electrical work in guest lodges. Installed new roof on tool shed. Began cleaning crawlspace under gutted bath house (over 15 garbage bags of old fiberglass insulation, tires, misc. debris). Replaced one rotten support beam under barn.

5/7-5/8 - Dug holes for posts for the Buddha Pavillion, cut down and skinned trees, added them into holes with cement. Gutted entire interior of the bath house to begin renovating. Began work on bath house ceiling. Removed ceilings in the disciple house to prepare for electric wiring. Began scraping old stucco walls to repaint. Added windows and doors to guest lodges, built a new wall in one guest lodge. Prepared garden area for planting. Cleared gutter along temple driveway to allow proper drainage. Filled one whole dumpster and began filling another. Prepared scrap metal for collection.

5/1-5/6 - Gutted guest lodge interiors. Jacked up guest lodges higher to add better support. Rebuilt tool shed, jacking it up and levelling it, made exterior watertight, and replaced floorboards and sidings. Changed heating coils in hot water tank.


10/18-10/22 - Finished shingling building 8. Fully loaded a 3rd dumpster. Finished working inside the mess hall, cleaned up. Drained pipes and boarded up buildings for the winter.

Shaolin Temple Entrance10/17 - Securely hung the USA Shaolin Temple sign up at property entrance. Sanded and primed most of mess hall interior, continued sheet rocking, corner beading, and spackling mess hall interior. Continued demolition of other parts, including removal of two large vent fans. Finished shingling the roof of building 8 and began shingling building 5. Painted steps of building 6 gray.
10/16 - Lifted shingle packages onto roofs of buildings 5 and 8. Continued sheet rocking and spackling mess hall interior. Continued demolition and cleaning of other rooms in mess hall. Primed extension to mess hall roof built the previous week. Filled a large dumpster with old shingles, garbage and debris. Burned two large piles of old wood. Built steps for entrance to building 6.
10/15 - Continued insulating, sheet rocking, spackling and cleaning mess hall interior.
10/12-10/14 - Finished painting buildings 5-8 red and continued yellow trim work. Strengthened porches of buildings 5 and 8 with more wood and painted them gray. Continued insulating and sheet rocking mess hall interior. Worked on roofs of mess hall and building 5. Made caulk and spackle touch-ups throughout.

10/11 - Finished painting building 8 (still needs some trim work) with 3 coats of red. Finished scraping and priming building 5. Continued demolition/clean up work inside mess hall.
10/10 - Continued demolition work on parts of mess hall. Cleaned up inside mess hall. Continued sheet rocking inside mess hall. Finished wood work on building 8's porch. Finished priming buildings 6, 7, and 8. Finished painting buildings 6 and 7 red. Started painting front of building 8 red. Stripped roof of building 5. Began brushing and scraping building 5. Continued sheet rock work in mess hall. Continued fixing mess hall roof. Added wood boards to bottom side of the roof of building 8's porch. Completed painting yellow trim on building 6 and halfway on building 7.
10/9 - Brushed, scraped, and primed buildings 6, 7, and 8. Began painting building 6. Did caulking touch-ups. Taped windows on those buildings to prepare for painting trim. Added supports to building 8's porch where wood was missing. Installed new doors on several buildings. Began fixing South side of mess hall roof. Shingled the roof of building 8.
10/4-10/8 - Shingled the rooves of buildings 6 and 7. Fixed more floors in kitchen area of Mess Hall. Removed a huge industrial refrigerator from inside mess hall.

10/3 - Finished painting mess hall exterior, began sheet rocking parts of interior, continued demolition of other parts. Began putting rubber on roof of building 8. Finished painting mess hall exterior.
10/2 - Finished taking shingles off of building 8. Fixed porch of building 8. Filled a 35 foot dumpster completely with trash (full dumpster weighed 8 tons), debris and the shingles from buildings 6, 7 and 8. Emptied 2nd floor of barn of over 20 matresses, furniture, and other debris.  Continued painting mess hall exterior (yellow trim, red touch ups) and demolishing/cleaning interior.

9/28-10/1 - Fixed multiple floors and foundation of mess hall. Placed rubber sheets on the roofs of buildings 6 and 7 to prepare to lay shingles. Applied red paint coats to mess hall exterior.

9/27 - Began installing new roofs on buildings 6 and 7. Continued cleaning mess hall interior and raised the collapsed part of floor.
9/26 - Replaced doors and windows on mess hall. Continued scraping and caulking, then primed mess hall. Gutted the inside, including sheet rock, flooring, and ceiling. Removed shingles and staples on buildings 6 and 7.
9/25 - Cleared bushes and shrubs around mess hall, buildings 5, 6, 7 and 8. Powerwashed, scraped, caulked, and replaced rotted clapboards on the mess hall. Papered windows to prepare for priming. Emptied barn of old junk and garbage. Stored good furniture in barn. Removed large amount of wood from underneath barn. Rebuilt front stairs of building 5. Cleaned up loose trash from around main areas.
9/24 - Two professional contractors and friends of the Temple arrived to oversee work for the next four weeks after driving 24 hours straight from Florida. More Chi!

9/18 - Cleared and cleaned the inside of the mess hall, including removing a large industrial-size stove. Cleared grass and shrubs around mess hall.

9/12 - Cleaned the inside of the log cabin. Held our annual Disciple Ceremony and blessed the land.
9/11 - Welcomed the two guardian lions and Shakyamuni Buddha to the Temple. Mowed the lawn across the main fields. Built a latrine.

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