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Action meditation, or "dong chan" in Chinese, can be everything and anything we do. Playing music, speaking, eating, swimming, climbing a tree, climbing a mountain, walking upside-down, playing basketball, making dinner, making love - any action you can think of that you can express in your beautiful life - that's action meditation. There are a million different doors for a million different people to walk through in their lives, and a million different ways for a million different people to meditate in their lives.

The mind and body are inseparable. To master oneself, one must sculpt the body and sharpen the mind. The style of action meditation known as Shaolin Kung Fu challenges one beyond imaginable limits by utilizing every single tendon, muscle, and bone in the body. At the same time, practicioners find their minds and hearts opening up as they push themselves past limits they never thought possible. Everyone can train in the art of Shaolin, whether young or old, physically fit or not. If you want to do something, nothing is difficult. If you don't want to do it, nothing is easy.

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