Shifu Shi Yan Ming gives seminars on Shaolin Philosophy, Chan Buddhism, KungFu, Health and martial arts to audiences all around the world. Shifu’s goal is make Chan Philosophy available to all who desire to grow and learn.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar in your area please feel free to contact the Temple.

The USA Shaolin temple haves a complete program adapted for different countries, including translators in Spanish, German, Russian and French whom also are students to understand deeply what ShiFu wants to share.  

We also have a team ready to share experiences on organizing seminars all over the world from who you may learn great tips and how to organize properly.

Please contact us in the contact section of this website to host a seminar,  for help in Spanish you may also contact our Latin American office at Mexico City. 

USA Shaolin Temple
102 Allen Street
New York City, NY 10002  
Phone: 212.358.7876

USA Shaolin TempleOficina en Español  
Acoxpa 343  Coyoacán. México 14370
Phone: +525556735682